How To Get Shopify PSG Grant?

How To Get Shopify PSG Grant?

Navigating the competitive e-commerce landscape can be challenging. Still, the Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG) offers a powerful lifeline for Shopify store owners in Singapore. The Shopify PSG Grant supports small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) by subsidizing IT solutions and equipment adoption costs to improve their business processes. The Shopify PSG Grant is particularly transformative for Shopify store owners, as it reduces operational costs and boosts efficiency.

Understanding the PSG Grant potential is important for Shopify entrepreneurs to maximize their resources and scale their operations efficiently. Using this grant, you can invest in advanced Shopify solutions like Shopify Plus at a fraction of the cost. It will propel your business forward in today’s digital economy.

The Shopify PSG Grant

The PSG Grant is an initiative by the Singaporean government to encourage SMEs to embrace digital transformation. It makes technology accessible and affordable to help businesses improve productivity and secure a competitive edge in Singapore. Eligibility for the PSG Grant extends to Singapore-based SMEs looking to improve their business processes through pre-approved IT solutions and equipment. It includes specialized Shopify PSG solutions customized to the needs of e-commerce platforms like Shopify and Shopify Plus.

For a Shopify store owner, accessing the PSG Grant involves:

  • Being registered and operating within Singapore.

  • Having a minimum local shareholding of 30%.

  • Purchasing IT solutions used in Singapore.

The Shopify PSG covers various aspects of digital operations, from online marketing to inventory management. All these are seamlessly integrated with Shopify, making it an important asset for growing your online business.

Benefits of the Shopify PSG Grant

The Shopify PSG Grant provides a substantial advantage to Shopify store owners in Singapore. It leads to significant cost savings, making it a valuable asset for SMEs to scale their operations or improve their efficiency. By covering up to 50% of the costs, the PSG Grant makes it more accessible for you to invest in Shopify's premium tools and technologies. These tools can improve online store functionality, optimize customer experiences, and streamline day-to-day operations.

You can take it as an example! A notable local boutique used the PSG Grant to revamp their online store. With the grant, they were able to integrate advanced Shopify analytics and marketing tools without bearing the total costs. This investment boosted their sales by 30% within the first six months and improved their inventory management. It allowed for smoother operations and better customer service.

Apply for the Shopify PSG Grant

Applying for the Shopify PSG Grant can seem tricky, but by following these detailed steps, you can simplify the process:

  1. Before applying, ensure your business meets the PSG eligibility criteria:

    1. Registered and operating in Singapore.

    2. The purchase, lease, or subscription of IT solutions or equipment must be used in Singapore.

    3. Have a minimum of 30% local shareholding.

  2. Obtain a quote for your desired Shopify solution from PSG's pre-approved vendors, like MS Web International. Make sure the vendor is listed on the PSG official site.

  3. Gather all documents, including your company's ACRA business profile, relevant financial statements, and the quote from the PSG-approved vendor.

  4. You can submit your application through the Business Grants Portal. Log in using your CorpPass, fill out the application form, and attach all required documents.


    Smooth Application Tips

    Double-check that all the information provided is accurate to avoid delays.

    • Be thorough in explaining how the chosen Shopify solution will benefit your business operations.

    • Avoid common mistakes like applying under the wrong grant category or submitting incomplete documentation.

    • By following these steps and the tips provided, you can increase your chances of a successful Shopify PSG Grant application. It will help you upgrade your Shopify store while minimizing financial strain.

    Common Challenges and Solutions

    Here are some of the most common challenges you might face, along with practical solutions:

    1. Complex Application Process

    Many first-time applicants need clarification on the process of applying for the PSG Grant. You can break down the application into manageable steps and start by reading the latest guidelines on the Enterprise Singapore website. In addition, you can consider using a checklist to track your progress and ensure you meet all eligibility criteria before applying.

    2. Gathering the Necessary Documentation

    Collecting the required documents in the correct format can take time and effort. You can prepare early by gathering all necessary business and financial documents ahead of time. Besides, double-check with a PSG-approved vendor to ensure all your documents meet the specified requirements.

    3. Selecting the Right Solutions

    With many options available, choosing the right Shopify solutions that qualify for the PSG can be overwhelming. Use the list of pre-scoped solutions provided on the Business Grants Portal. In addition, consult with PSG-approved Shopify experts like MS Web International, who can provide personalized recommendations based on your business needs.

    4. Meeting Eligibility Requirements

    Some applicants need to meet all the eligibility criteria after starting their application. You must review the eligibility criteria detailed on the Enterprise Singapore website thoroughly before beginning your application. If you're unsure, seek clarification from a PSG consultant to avoid unnecessary effort.


    Additional Resources

    To further assist you with your Shopify PSG Grant application, consider these additional resources:

    1. Workshops and Webinars

    Regular seminars and webinars are conducted by Enterprise Singapore and other PSG-approved vendors. These sessions are invaluable for understanding the application process and staying updated on any changes. Check the Enterprise Singapore events page for upcoming dates.

    2. Government Advisories

    Visit the Enterprise Singapore website for the latest advisories and updates regarding the PSG Grant. This site is a crucial resource for any changes in policy or application procedures.

    3. Consulting with Experts

    If you're feeling overwhelmed, consulting with PSG-approved vendors or Shopify experts can provide you with tailored advice and help streamline your application process. These experts can offer insights into the most effective use of the grant for your specific business scenario.

    By using these solutions and resources, you can simplify the application process for the Shopify PSG Grant. It will improve your chances of a successful outcome and maximize your business's benefits.


    The Shopify PSG Grant offers a golden opportunity to revamp your online store while reducing operational costs. The grant allows you to access a range of premium tools and services that may otherwise be inaccessible due to cost constraints. 

    Remember, investing in the right solutions improves your business’s productivity and positions you competitively in the marketplace. Are you ready to transform your store with the PSG Grant? Don’t navigate the application process alone. Visit our Shopify PSG Grant Assistance Page to learn how we can help you maximize your chances of securing this grant.

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