How To Show Multiple Discounts, Coupons And Offers On Cart?

How To Show Multiple Discounts, Coupons And Offers On Cart?

Imagine your customers never miss out on a discount, and your sales skyrocket effortlessly. Meet the Discount Coupon on Cart app the game-changer for your Shopify store. This powerful Shopify app displays discounts and transforms your cart page into a sales-boosting hub. 

This Shopify app comes with various customizable options, multilingual support, and seamless integration. It is designed to improve your customer’s shopping experience and drive conversions. 

Are you ready to turn casual browsers into loyal buyers with a Shopify app? Dive into the details of how to show multiple discounts, coupons, and offers on the cart with the MS- Shopify Coupon Discount on Cart app.

How Do You Show Multiple Discounts, Coupons, and Offers in Your Cart?

With advancements in Shopify, you can now effortlessly expand your business with the Discount Coupon on Cart app. You can increase your AOV, conversion rates, and much more only with discount or coupon codes. Let’s go through the below steps to show multiple discounts on your checkout or cart page:

1. Install the App

You can visit here to find the app. When you are on the Shopify App Store page, click on the install button to get started. Once you have clicked the install button, you will also find the installation instructions for easy integration in your Shopify store

2. Set Up the App

Since the Discount Coupon on Cart app is easy to install, you can effortlessly navigate it from your Shopify dashboard. Through this dashboard, you can configure the app settings according to your store's needs. 

With the Discount Coupon on Cart app, you can select different discount types, like percentage, free shipping, fixed amount, and many others, that you want to offer to your customers. You can also personalize the appearance of your discount display to match your store's branding.

3. Create Discount Codes

Now that your Shopify Discount app is set up, you can create discount codes from your Shopify admin. You need to browse the discount section of your admin panel to find the form to fill out the discount details. Besides, you must fill in the details like the discount code, type, value, and usage limits.

4. Link Discounts

Once you have filled out the details, you can save the discount codes and link them to the Discount Coupon on Cart app. Go to your app dashboard and link the created discount codes to the app. While linking the discount codes, ensure they are active and properly configured.

5. Customize Display Options

Now that the base work is done and you have eaten the frog, let’s understand how to customize display options. You now have to choose how the discounts will be displayed on your cart page. For this, you have four options on MS-Discount Coupon on Cart

  • Pop-up is a small window that appears with available discounts.

  • Dropdown is a list of discounts in a dropdown menu.

  • Radio Buttons are options for customers to select the desired discount.

  • Manual Input is a field where customers can enter discount codes manually.


6. Test the Setup

Customization is the last step to setting up discounts, offers, and coupons in your Shopify store. To test your Shopify coupons, you can visit your store and add items to the cart. Once you have items in your cart, see how the discounts are displayed. Now you have to select the discounts or coupon codes to ensure everything works correctly.

7. Monitor and Optimize

You can now see your discount codes, discounts, or offers working on the cart page. Now is the time to use the Discount Coupon on Cart app's analytics to track the discount code usage. If you see any improvement areas in your analytics, you can make adjustments based on performance to maximize conversions and customer satisfaction.

These are the seven simple steps to not only install the Shopify app but also optimize it for better conversions and overall output.

3 Pro Discount Code Tips

Through thousands of installations and reviews, we have the following tips for your successful discounting strategies:

1. Limit the Number of Discounts

If you are using too many options, you can easily overwhelm customers. To avoid such a situation, you must focus on offering a few well-chosen discounts to avoid confusion.

2. Highlight the Best Offers

While using the Discount Coupon on Cart app, you must prominently display your most attractive discounts on your cart page.

3. Regularly Update Discounts

If you are offering the same discount again and again, you lose the interest of your customers in your products and your store's experience. You must keep your discount offers fresh and relevant to maintain customer interest.


    Imagine turning every visitor into a loyal buyer and watching your sales skyrocket with ease. The Discount Coupon on Cart app is your key to revolutionizing your Shopify store. With customizable options, multilingual support, and seamless integration, this app enhances your customers' shopping experience while boosting your conversion rates.

    Don't miss out on the opportunity to improve your store's performance. Click here to install the Discount Coupon on Cart app now and start transforming casual browsers into loyal customers today!

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