9 Most Important Features Of Shopify Plus

9 Most Important Features of Shopify Plus

Consider your online business as a rocket ready to take off into the digital sky. Imagine now having the best fuel to power that rocket—and that's what Shopify Plus, a leading e-commerce solution, offers. Being ahead of the competition is essential in today's competitive online market. Shopify Plus is your key to e-commerce domination in 2023. Equipped with nine essential features, this enterprise-level e-commerce platform can drive your business to exceptional heights in the global e-commerce arena.

The Shopify Plus’s nine features are the key to your success in the world of digital commerce. Now is the perfect moment to step up your e-commerce efforts with this advanced Shopify e-commerce platform. Take a deep dive into this exploratory journey to realise Shopify Plus's potential for online retail. MS Web International is here to support you as you embark on your journey to digital domination.

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Shopify Plus- An E-Commerce Solution For A Change!

Shopify Plus meets the requirements of larger companies and fast-growing businesses in the e-commerce automation space. It offers an extensive range of modern functionalities and features that enable you to expand your business globally. You get more customization options to design your store to fulfill your requirements and represent your brand in the online shopping landscape.

Dedicated 24*7 support is among the primary benefits. You get an account manager to quickly handle any problems or inquiries. Thanks to Shopify Plus's multi-channel selling features, you can reach a wider audience through various sales channels, such as social media platforms and marketplaces.

Shopify Plus supports several languages, foreign shipping, and currency options to facilitate global commerce. With features like performance tracking and automated workflows, it gives you the tools to increase productivity, spur expansion, and provide exceptional customer service in the competitive world of online retail.

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9 Most Important Shopify Plus Features

You get control and customization options with Shopify Plus that comes with greater automation capabilities. Unlock the improved omnichannel and multichannel function with faster speed and ability to handle huge sales/traffic.

1. Handles High-Volume Traffic and Sales Whatever your store offers, having a live and functional store is the most important thing for managing high-volume e-commerce traffic. If your store is not functional, then all the email flows, marketing, and conversion strategies are useless. Therefore, every second of inactivity costs money. Because of this, you require a platform like Shopify Plus that will not collapse during flash sales or other seasonal increases in traffic. Shopify Plus can handle up to 10000 checkouts per minute and entertain high-volume customers on your website, proving its capability in the online business platform.

2. Global Expansion & Local Shopping Experiences
Retailers nowadays have to serve a worldwide customer base due to globalisation. It enables you to broaden your horizons and improve the clientele experience for clients in other countries while giving them localized shopping experience with Shopify Plus.

Shopify Plus gives you the option to add up to nine more stores to serve nine different countries in multiple languages and currencies, facilitating global market expansion. Although they are exact replicas of your original store, these can be customised to offer a more personalised experience. The clone stores can be run with custom domains such as.com,.au,.in,.uk, etc. In addition, you can sell your products in different currencies and languages using a single login, enhancing your digital commerce reach.

3. Faster Checkout To Get More Conversion
In the e-commerce world, quicker checkout times result in higher conversion rates and more seamless customer experiences. Checkouts that happen quickly are the only way to guarantee conversion in the competitive online retail sector.

You can improve the performance and conversion rate of your online store with Shopify Plus. With a mobile-first design and fully customisable checkout, it combines Shop Pay with a 60% faster checkout time to increase conversion rates by up to 18%, positioning itself as a leading e-commerce solution.

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4. Automated Marketing Campaigns and Workflows
Running an online store in the competitive digital commerce space requires a lot of work to be done each day. One of Shopify Plus's benefits is the ability to build various automation capabilities meant to reduce hours of tedious and repetitive manpower. With Shopify Plus' Launchpad tool, you can set up marketing campaigns to run automatically, enhancing your e-commerce automation strategy. Shopify Flow lets you automate tasks like:

  • Adding customer tags
  • Abandoned Cart Recovery
  • Email Marketing Automation
  • Product Recommendations
  • Loyalty Programs
  • Flash Sales and Promotions
  • Analytics and Reporting
  • Customer Support Automation
  • Subscription Management

5. Advanced Multichannel Functionalities
Advanced multichannel functionalities assist you in providing a unified experience across all sale channels. It goes without saying that you should sell where your clients choose to shop. Because of this, the omnichannel eCommerce strategy places your store across multiple platforms and does all possible to draw in customers.

Shopify Plus enables you to sell your products on 20 social media platforms online and through integrations in 175 nations, expanding your reach in the global e-commerce market. In addition, you have access to over 6600+ mobile apps and partners via which you may take advantage of user-generated content, influencers, and real product reviews.

6. Integrated B2C, Wholesale and B2B Operations
With Shopify Plus, you can easily combine your B2C, B2B, and wholesale operations on one platform, optimizing your online business strategy. By centralizing order processing, customer data, and inventory, this integration makes management easier. It is possible to set up specific pricing and catalog visibility for different customer segments, so that B2B clients receive special pricing.

Sophisticated features such as bulk ordering and tiered pricing improve the wholesale experience. Moreover, each segment can benefit from customized customer experiences, multi-channel sales, and automated workflows. It maximizes productivity and revenue development. You can effectively serve customers, optimize processes, and spur expansion in both B2B and B2C markets with Shopify Plus.

7. Lower Transactional Fees
The retail sector often offers little room for margin manipulation, especially in digital commerce. Advanced Shopify and Shopify impose exorbitant 0.5% transaction fees. It has a negative impact on the brand's expansion and profitability. With Shopify Plus, you only have to pay 0.15% per transaction. As a result, your team can produce greater revenue and cash flow, optimizing your online retail profitability. To maximize your profits, it is strongly advised that you migrate your Shopify or any e-commerce store to Shopify Plus.

8. Unlimited Staff Accounts
An increasing number of staff to handle different areas of your online store capabilities is among the characteristics of an expanding business. Several employees frequently require access to the admin dashboard. With Shopify Plus, you can add more team members to the admin panel. This feature enables you to handle tasks like ordering, updating product pages, reviewing approvals from customers, managing new sales campaigns, and so on, thereby enhancing your e-commerce solution's efficiency.

9. Speed and Power
For any e-commerce store, managing the stress of an impending traffic or sale spikes is the most difficult task. If they can persevere through everything, they do end up with an unbelievable profit. It is concerning to process massive amounts of transactions per minute. Shopify Plus is made to function well in campaigns with a lot of traffic. It is prepared to support you every time you expand your clientele and reach new markets. With an astounding 99.99% uptime, Shopify Plus enables you to process 10,000 checkouts per minute with unlimited bandwidth and transactions, proving its reliability as a robust online business platform.

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The key to dominating e-commerce in 2023 is Shopify Plus. Being ahead of the competition is essential in today's intensely competitive digital commerce market. Shopify Plus provides you with essential features that have the potential to completely transform your company. These features are the key to the success of many well-known businesses in the global e-commerce sector.

Is your e-commerce business prepared to advance? Let us embark on this adventure together and use Shopify Plus to its fullest. MSW is here to support you as you pursue digital domination. Fasten your seatbelt, and together, let's take off for success in the world of online retail!

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