How Can We HELP?

Q.1. Do you build Shopify stores from scratch?

Yes, stores can be set up right from the scratch. We offer different packages for setting up Shopify stores -- Basic, Advanced, Premium and Premium Plus. All these packages include store features and functionalities that are required to spur your store and get it ready for the marketplace, besides providing additional benefits. 

Q.2. Do you work on customizations for a Shopify store?

From small changes in designs, minifying codes, image compression to building a completely customized store in sync with your business goals, company vision and brand message, we offer small to large customizations on your store. 

Q.3. What are the services you provide apart from store set up and custom builds?

We provide migration to Shopify/Shopify Plus and ecommerce consultancy services as well.

Q.4. What do you mean by ecommerce consultancy services?

We plan and devise innovative and focussed strategies for your business keeping in mind your goals, vision and brand message. We conduct a thorough audit of your site and evaluate your competitor’s store and social media profiles to guide you with actionable plans for your social media marketing, content marketing, logo designs, branding assets and more to improve your brand positioning in your industry.

Q.5. Do you provide support post site migration?

Yes, we offer support and guidance for your store migration to Shopify both pre and post-launch so that the site traffic and ranking are not affected post migration.

Q.6. Do you offer store set up and customizations on Shopify Plus?

Yes, our team of expert designers and developers help you set up stores and build custom sites on Shopify Plus as per your needs and preferences.

Q.7. Do you offer a partner program?

Yes, we have partnered with some renowned companies who help us provide effective business solutions to our clients to help digitally accelerate their businesses. 

Q.8. Can agencies work with you?

Yes, we collaborate with agencies. They can contact us directly and we will be their point of contact throughout their client’s projects. 

Q.9. How many revisions do you offer?

We offer a maximum of two revisions to clients and ensure that our clients are completely satisfied with the end product. If a project requires more than two revisions, we are glad to work on a discounted hourly or daily rate. Honestly, most of our clients are happy with the product either on the initial delivery or after the first revision.

Q.10. Would I have a dedicated manager for my project?

There is a dedicated project manager assigned for each project who works closely with the clients from conceptualization to completion to understand the business goals, project scope and complexities. 

Q.11. For how long have you worked on the Shopify platform?

It’s been about 5 years since we began working on the Shopify platform. 

Q.12. Are there any specific industries that you work with?

We have worked with ecommerce brands across various verticals including but not limiting to  fashion, beauty, apparel & accessories, luxury home and office accessories/gift items, automobile parts, cosmetics and technology.