11 Signs Your Business Is Ready for Shopify Plus Upgrade

11 Signs Your Business Is Ready for Shopify Plus Upgrade

Having Shopify Plus upgrade to your store is like giving it VIP access to extra features and functions. It's a paid version of Shopify made for businesses that are growing quickly. With Shopify Plus, you get advanced tools for managing a lot of sales, going global, and making your store look exactly the way you want it to. You can think of it as going from normal to luxury: more power, more freedom, and solutions made just for the big players in e-commerce. It will make things run more smoothly, give you better support, and help your growing business reach its full potential.

Shopify Plus Upgrade vs Shopify Advanced Plan

Whether you should upgrade to Shopify Plus or stay with the Shopify Advanced plan relies on your ecommerce business's needs and where it is in its growth. Let's look at the main differences:

Features Shopify Plus Shopify Advanced
Scale and Volume Ideal for businesses experiencing rapid growth and high transaction volumes Suited for businesses with growing sales but not yet at the enterprise level
Internationalization Geared towards businesses with international aspirations, offering features for managing multiple stores and currencies. More suitable for businesses focused on local or regional markets.
Customization and Flexibility Provides advanced customization options, allowing businesses to tailor their online store extensively Offers customization but may have limitations compared to the more robust capabilities of Shopify Plus
Security and Support Includes enterprise-level security features and dedicated account management for personalized support Provides standard security features and support but not at the enterprise level
Traffic Handling Engineered to handle sudden spikes in traffic, making it suitable for businesses with frequent flash sales or promotional events Capable but may face challenges with extreme traffic surges
Integration with Enterprise Systems Offers extensive integration options for businesses relying on complex enterprise systems Provides integrations but may have limitations compared to the scalability of Shopify Plus
B2B and Wholesale Introduces specialized features for businesses involved in wholesale or B2B transactions Suitable for basic B2B needs but lacks some advanced functionalities

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11 Signs Your Business Is Ready for Shopify Plus Upgrade

The Shopify Plus upgrade might be a good idea if your business is growing quickly, selling to people all over the world, and needs advanced customization and support. But if your business is still growing and you don't need all the features that come with the enterprise plan, going with the Shopify Advanced plan could save you money and time. It's all about picking the plan that fits the goals of your business now and in the future. Nonetheless, you can refer to the below points to know why Shopify Plus Upgrade is beneficial for your business:

11 Reasons Why Should You Upgrade to Shopify Plus from Shopify Advanced

1. Better Operations
You can increase your conversion rate and AOV via promotions and customization with Shopify Plus. It is now the time to automate manual campaigns and tasks while running the business with more freedom. You can now scale or simplify retail, international and B2B commerce of Shopify Plus.

2. Capture More Revenue
You can upsell and convert more with Shopify Plus's custom checkout option. It helps you change the feel and look of your online store to enhance brand consistency. You can also use extra codes for tracking and conversion purposes. Use Shopify Scripts to customize pricing, shipping and payment options to offer your customers localized shopping experiences.

3. Customize Pricing, Shipping and Payment
You can hide or pre-select payment methods using Shopify Payment Scripts. You can also pre-select available pick-up locations with estimated shipping prices based on the postcodes of your customers. Shopify Shipping Scripts help you get calculated local taxes based on postcodes while offering discounted or free shipping for your special customers.

Now is the time to unlock the no-cost shipping bar by average order value. Customized Shopify Pricing scripts help you provide tiered pricing or discount to your customers based on spending thresholds or bulk purchases. You can also disallow discounts for sitewise sales or offer heavy discounts/free gifts with every purchase. With Shopify Pricing Scripts, you get to choose your discount to attract new customers while retaining the existing ones.

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4. Streamline Operations
You can cut inefficiency and extra cost from your daily workflows with Shopify Plus automation. Get notifications when any of your product variant inventory is low. You can also restock and cancel high risk orders with simple clicks. With Shopify Plus automation, you can arrange your customers based on your lifetime spend tiers. You get to tag orders that have a product tag of a specific kind. According to various studies, Shopify Plus automation has saved 22 Million hours of businesses that use Shopify Flow.

5. Inventory and Loyalty
You can tag your products that have low inventory levels. You can also momentarily remove out-of-stock products from your stores. In addition, you can set up reminder emails to send when product stock falls below the set level. With Shopify Plus loyalty, you can track the use of free gift or discount codes. You can also set up reminders to send when your customers order bulk products. Besides, you can connect with any loyalty apps for additional functionality only with Shopify Plus.

6. Customers, Orders and Products
Shopify Plus enhances customer management and order tracking by tagging customers based on shopping habits, postal code, and email. It facilitates tracking of significant refunds, organizes customers by spending tiers, and sends staff notifications for orders and refunds. It also identifies irregularly large orders, tags gift card payments, and automatically categorizes new products using keywords from their titles.

7. Automate Everything
Streamline your marketing efforts and boost sales effortlessly with Shopify Plus Launchpad. This powerful tool allows you to automate campaigns and flash sales seamlessly. You can easily release new products and update inventory across various channels, apply discounts to specific products or entire collections, and even design captivating campaign themes that update automatically.

In addition, Launchpad ensures a hassle-free experience by letting you revert changes when your event concludes. With built-in checkout bot protection, you can handle up to 6,000 checkouts per minute, ensuring a secure shopping experience for your customers.

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8. B2B and Wholesale
Streamline your B2B commerce experience effortlessly with our platform. We offer distinct storefronts for both your B2B and direct-to-consumer (DTC) customers, ensuring a tailored approach. Enjoy the convenience of customized pricing featuring discounts and volume-based options. Elevate your brand presence with personalized pages that reflect your unique identity.

Empower your customers by enabling them to effortlessly create and manage purchase orders through our intuitive draft order functionality. Immerse your clientele in a personalized journey with the flexibility of customer groups, creating a seamless and engaging experience.

8. Scale Expansion Projects
Create local shopping experiences effortlessly with Shopify Plus. Whether you opt for a versatile multi-store approach or a focused single-store strategy, our platform simplifies the process of expanding your market globally. Easily map out, launch, and scale your business internationally, all while providing a hyper-localized experience.

Take advantage of 9 free expansion stores, conveniently managed within the Shopify organization admin. Need more? No problem—add additional stores for just $250 USD per month, per store. With Shopify Plus, global expansion is made simple, allowing you to tailor your approach and grow your business seamlessly.

9. Shopify POS Pro
Combine your online and retail operations seamlessly with Shopify POS Pro. Effortlessly synchronize your online and offline product listings, orders, and customer information using Shopify's comprehensive software, hardware, and payment solutions. Enhance your business capabilities by integrating with versatile omni-channel apps that support loyalty programs, returns, appointment bookings, and beyond. Meet and exceed customer expectations with convenient in-store pickup, local delivery, and flexible shipping options, providing a seamless and satisfying shopping experience.

10. Launch and Scale with An Ecosystem
Receive expert assistance from over 230 certified Shopify Plus Partners to tailor your online store. Enhance your store's functionality by choosing from a vast selection of 6,600+ apps and integrations. Gain access to valuable support and resources, including the Merchant Success Program, Launch Team, Shopify Plus Priority Support, Shopify Plus Academy, and Thought Leadership. Forge connections with fellow Shopify Plus brands for advice and inspiration, creating a robust ecosystem to elevate your business.

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When Should You Upgrade to Shopify Plus from Shopify Advanced?

When your online store needs more space, upgrade from Shopify Advanced to Shopify Plus. It's like giving your business a superhero suit—more power, flexibility, and capabilities to deal with growth and challenges. When your online business is ready for the big games, Shopify Plus is the next step you should take.

When Should You Upgrade to Shopify Plus from Shopify Advanced?

1. Increased Business Growth
If your online business is getting a lot of new visitors, sales, and growth in general, Shopify Plus can help you handle the extra traffic.

2. Advanced Customization
You should consider upgrading to Shopify Plus if you need more customization options for your online store to fit your business's needs and brand.

3. Exclusive Features
Get access to tools that are only available with Shopify Plus. These advanced features can help your online business run better.

4. Handling High Traffic
Shopify Plus gives you the help you need if your website is getting a lot of new visitors and needs a strong system to handle it.

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5. Strategic Support and Resources
As your business grows, you can get extra help and tools like the Merchant Success Program, Priority Support, Launch Team, Academy, and Thought Leadership.

6. Networking Opportunities
Talk to other Shopify Plus brands to get helpful tips and ideas. This will help you build a community that can help your business succeed.

7. Elevate Your Business
If you want to take your online store to the next level, you might want to consider upgrading to Shopify Plus. It's like moving from a smaller place to a bigger, more flexible one.

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Bottom Line

Bottom Line

Upgrading to Shopify Plus is like giving VIPs access to tools that only VIPs can use. Shopify Plus is designed to help businesses that are growing quickly. It has advanced tools for handling large amounts of sales, going global, and making storefronts that look the way you want them to. The luxury upgrade gives you more power and freedom, which makes operating business more smoothly and the support better.

Think about your business's goals and stage of growth when choosing between Shopify Plus and the Advanced plan. Shopify Plus is best for businesses that want to expand internationally and grow quickly. The Advanced plan is better for businesses that are still on their way to becoming enterprise-level. Pick the plan that fits with your plans for the business now and in the future.

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