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Are You Stuck With Your Current E-Commerce Platform?
What is your Current Problem_____________?

Very Difficult to Customize

My e-commerce store is not customizable as per the targeted audience.

Technical Knowledge Must

I do not have the technical knowledge to manage a self-hosted e-commerce store.

Scalability Issues

My business is growing, but I cannot scale my e-commerce business due to platform limitations.

My Website Crash

My website crashes when I get high traffic and transition.

Challenging International Expansion

My Current e-commerce platform does not allow me to scale my business globally.

Omnichannel and Multichannel Difficulties

I cannot leverage the Omnichannel and multichannel strategy in my current e-commerce platform.

Unable to Integrate Modern Tools

I cannot integrate modern tools like Loyalty, Referral Programs, Push notifications, Point of Sales, One-Click Checkout, etc.

Most Expensive

I don’t like to pay a huge amount for self-hosted servers and other high maintenance costs.

Security Issues

It is challenging for me to maintain all high-risk data and customer data. I need a fully trusted and secure platform.

Support Systems Are Horrible

My existing platform’s support system is horrible. I need one platform that will provide 24/7 phone, chat, and email support alongside the resources, community to solve my problems.

I Don’t Like To Depend On Developers

I want freedom, so I don’t need to rely on my developer for every minor change.

Performances and Huge Cart Abandon Issues

My Website needs to be fully optimized for different devices. It takes a lot of time to load the site and get a huge cart abandonment.

What Are The Main Needs And Desires When ANY Business Migrate Their Store To Shopify Or Shopify Plus?

We have already Migrated 500+ Stores from different platforms to Shopify and Shopify Plus. Here are 10 main needs and desires that most store owners look for_____________

Want a seamless Migration to Shopify without any downtime or fluctuating SEO ranking.

Fully Functional, Easy to scale, Cloud-based Mobile first online store with 24/7 Support.

Want to focus on my business growth, not on Platform or system.

Full freedom to Customize my e-commerce websites store.

Modern payment gateway, ERP, shipping gateway, 3rd party software.

I need to connect My Store with Social Commerce, Marketplace and POS platforms.

All Modern Features, Like Referrals, Loyalty programs etc., into my store with one click.

A platform that cares for its Merchants while having a Strong and Active Community.

Can Handle High Volume Traffic and Transition without crash.

Want to Manage my Global Business and Multiple stores from a Single Dashboard.

Whatever Is Your Problems, Needs or Desires.
We Have Comprehensive Solutions For You!

Our Migration

With our team, your Shopify Migration will be seamless. We have over 9 years of experience and have successfully Migrated data, functionalities, SEO rankings, and content from over 500 e-commerce platforms. Our Custom Migration Plans make upgrading to Shopify Plus or Shopify a breeze.

Our Shopify Migration Services will help your online store succeed. We provide trouble-free content and data migration, tailored solutions to boost conversion rates, API integrations, and the execution of an omnichannel strategy. Take advantage of Shopify's cutting-edge features and resources while developing your business.

Our methods are sure to increase your sales and repeat business. Gain from upselling strategies, customer lifetime value (CLV) optimisation, abandoned cart recovery, and discounts based on past purchases. Work with us, and you will use Shopify or Shopify Plus to its fullest extent, rapidly expanding your online store.

Our team has 10+ years of experience in Migrating to Shopify from the following platforms:

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Which Type Of Data Can Be Migrated To Shopify?

Our Shopify Migration Process

Step 01

Understand Requirements

We understand your platform, customization, data migration, SEO, and app integration needs.

Step 02

Setup & Data Migration

We set up your store and transfer crucial data.

Step 03

Font Design

We design the store font with mobile responsiveness, readability, branding consistency, and compatibility in mind.

Step 04


Our professionals smoothly integrate your existing systems with Shopify using third-party apps or API integrations.

Step 05


We provide responsive e-commerce websites design, optimized page load speed, and seamless transition from your existing platform.

Step 06

Set Up Redirects

Our experts ensure seamless redirection of old URLs to new pages, maintaining SEO value and preserving search engine rankings.

Step 07

Test The Migration

We thoroughly test your Migration process, ensuring functionality, data accuracy, user experience, and design consistency.

Step 08


We handle internationalization elements like localized content, local payment gateway integration, tax regulations, and language support for seamless global expansion.

Step 9

Automation Setup

We automate tasks like email marketing, inventory management, and product imports to enhance efficiency and save time.

Step 10


Our Shopify Upgrade Experts conduct thorough store testing for accurate and precise functionality.

Step 11


We ensure your success by executing marketing strategies, setting up customer support, and optimizing your website for a seamless launch.

Step 12

Post-Launch Support

We offer continuous maintenance, support, updates, and performance monitoring following your Shopify Store Migration Launch.

Step 13

Growth Consultancy

During Shopify Migration, our experts provide Shopify Migration Services to enhance sales and drive increased store visitors.

Shopify Migration Checklist

We have completed 500+ Migration Projects from different e-commerce platforms to Shopify since 2016. Based on our expertise and case studies, we have prepared a Secret checklist that will help you during migration so that you will retain all seo ranking and customers.

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