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Upgrade to Shopify Plus

Are You Stuck With Your Current Shopify Core Plan?
What Are Your Current Challenges or Needs ___________?

High Volume Traffic

My Basic Shopify Plan cannot handle high volume traffic and transaction. It also crashes during a shopping session.

Custom Checkout Conversion

My current Shopify Plan does not allow to customize the checkout page with options like one-page checkout, product recommendation, upsell and cross sale, Different tiers of discount, Show or hide Particular Payment or Shipping options, Customized Pricing, Post-purchase offer, live Chat, Tracking etc. at checkout page.

Local Shopping Experiences

I want to create multiple online stores for different countries with local shopping experiences for international buyers with a Local payment gateway, different localize store fonts, etc.

High Cost and Automation Inefficiencies

I want to leverage the super powerful tools of Shopify Plus - Shopify Flow, Launchpad, and Shopify Scripts to automate daily workflow and daily complex tasks. In the meantime, I want to focus on my business growth and expansion.

B2B and B2C Business

I want separate storefronts for my B2C and B2B customers alongside customized pricing with discounts and volume-based pricing.

In-Store Pickup, Local Delivery and Ship-To-Customer

I want to sync offline and online products, orders, and customer data with Shopify software, hardware, and payments. I also want to Integrate omnichannel apps for loyalty, returns, appointment bookings and more.

Complexity And Single Interface

I want complex customization for my business needs to manage & track performance across multiple stores, regions, and channels with built-in analytics and insights. I also want full control of staff access and multiple currencies, languages, and storefront content from a single window.

Our Shopify Plus Upgradation Service

Our Upgradation

Shopify Plus platform is designed for enterprise-level and high-growth businesses. It comes with tools, services and features to empower merchants with the customization, flexibility, and scalability required to succeed in the marketplace. MS Web Designer, a Certified Shopify Expert based in Singapore, helps merchants to upgrade their existing stores From Shopify Basic and Shopify Advanced to the Shopify Plus Platform.

If you want to grow your online business nationally or internationally with all the modern features of successful independent brands like Fashonove, Gymshark, and Mavi Jeans, we will love to help you with our expertise to harness the true power of your brands with the superpower of Shopify plus.

Our Shopify Plus Upgrade Services Include

  • Strategy Build & Implementation
  • Theme Customization or Redesign
  • Internationalization & Localization
  • B2B, B2C & Retail Setup
  • Setup Shopify Script and Shopify Flow
  • Launch Pad Setup
  • Checkout Page Customization
  • Conversion Optimization
  • Other Customization

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Shopify VS Shopify Plus

Shopify Plus has some exclusive features that make e-commerce
better and simpler for enterprise ecommerce businesses.

Internationalization & Localization

Use robust Localization and Internationalization features to expand your e-commerce operations globally with language translations, multi-currency support, and regional-specific storefronts

Unlimited Staff

Get unlimited staff accounts to grant access to unlimited team members, simplifying management and collaboration within the platform.

Shopify Script

With the super power of Shopify Plus Discount , Shipping and payment script, provide your customers the best and personalized shopping experiences while easily improving the sales and conversion rates.

Shopify Launchpad

Empowers yourself to easily schedule and automate product launches, high-impact sales, and marketing campaigns.

WholeSale / B2B Channel

Create a separate storefront for wholesale customers with personalized bulk ordering, pricing, and exclusive B2B features.


Get robust inventory management and advanced point-of-sale features to streamline online and in-store sales.

Merchant Success Program

Get personalized guidance, dedicated support, and exclusive resources to empower yourself on the platform.

9 Free Expansion Stores

Get nine free stores to expand your business to test new ideas or multiple markets without additional costs.

Shopify Plus Exclusive Apps

Take benefit of curated exclusive apps to scale high-growth and supercharge business.

How Do We Upgrade Your Store To Shopify Plus?

Step 01

Understand Your Needs

We understand your business requirements, such as support, scalability and advanced features. High sales volume, international expansion plans, or dedicated account management are all considered for the upgrade.

Step 02


We contact the sales team of Shopify Plus to guide you through the upgradation process and offer the necessary pricing details alongside other information such as Shopify Plus Contract.

Step 03

Design Changes

We design your Shopify Plus store with custom pages, themes and more to redesign your existing store.

Step 04

Checkout Page Customization

To give the full benefit of Checkout Page Customization, we customize your checkout page to give your customers a smooth and quick checkout experience.

Step 05

Conversion Rate Optimization

We analyze data, optimize mobile performance, streamline the checkout process and conduct A/B tests to boost conversion rates.

Step 06

Shopify Script Set-Up

We automate and customize customer interactions, payments, and shipping. The script set-ups will optimize your operations, drive conversion rates and improve customer satisfaction.

Step 07

Shopify Launch Pad Implementation

We automate the scheduled promotions and discounts to manage product visibility and inventory.

Step 08

Up To 9 Clone Store Set-up

We will create up to 9 cloned stores for 9 different countries. The cloned stores will give a localized experience to local customers with local currency.

Step 09

B2B Store Configuration

We create a password-protected storefront, bulk ordering, tiered pricing, and volume discounts to incentivize larger purchases. Third-party apps for invoicing, tax exemption and customer segmentation will be applied for B2B store configuration.

Step 10

POS Pro Set-up

We set up POS Pro features to process orders, track inventory and accept payments across all retail locations. We ensure that the integrations offer real-time data synchronization, unified sales and inventory view across all channels.

Step 11


After the integration and set-up process, we test your Shopify Plus Store for glitches or modifications.

Step 12


We will make the Shopify Plus store live when we receive your affirmation for the launch.

Is Shopify Plus Suitable For My Business?

Shopify Plus is a good option for ambitious merchants with specialized goals and demands, high-growth and enterprise-level businesses. It serves clients with significant sales volumes, intricate customization needs, aspirations for global expansion, and a preference for personal account management. You can opt Shopify Plus if you fall into any category

Are you?

Established brands with a strong online presence

High-growth businesses with rapid expansion

Global businesses in multiple countries

B2B businesses selling to other businesses

Companies with complex ecommerce requirements

High transaction volumes and heavy traffic business

Brands seeking scalable and flexible ecommerce

Companies with complex product catalogs and inventory management need

Businesses planning an international expansion or multi-region sales

Companies seeking advanced customization and integration options

Brands requiring robust security and compliance features

Businesses in need of dedicated support and faster response times

Companies seeking streamlined operations with automation and workflow tools

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Shopify Plus Spark

Shopify Plus Spark ignites a sparkling dance of e-commerce success in the raging world of e-commerce. It ignites the flames of growth, transforming sparks into massive profit conflagrations for aspirational entrepreneurs with a kaleidoscope of modern features. Watch your digital aspirations soar like sparks in the night sky as you enter Shopify Plus Spark's ethereal embrace.

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