Maximize Your Shopify Potential in Singapore with the PSG Grant

Maximize Your Shopify Potential in Singapore with the PSG Grant

The government of Singapore has always been supportive of its local SMEs. It is offering tax breaks, government grants, funds and subsidies for SMEs. Shopify PSG Grant is one such scheme that helps SMEs digitize their e-commerce operations and develop e-commerce stores.

PSG is basically a Productivity Solutions Grant that focuses on promoting digital technology in different industries. The industries can vary from retail to engineering! You would be amazed to know that the PSG grant combines three other government grants such as the Landscape Grant from the National Parks Board, the Media Development Authority’s SMEs Digital Program, and the Spring Singapore Innovation Voucher.

This blog comprises information on PSG Grant that will help you optimize your Shopify Store's potential in Singapore.


PSG Grant Application and Eligibility

The Singapore government established Shopify PSG Grant to offer up to 50% finance support for SMEs. It also offers up to 5000 Dollars SGD on Shopify Plus plan. The goal behind the Productivity Solutions Grant is to make Singapore a technologically-advanced country that values equipment and machines. Nonetheless, the grant does not promise reduced physical labor but promises technology optimization for increased efficiency and production.

The Singapore PSG Grant showcases that the country is ready to adopt digital transformations in their e-commerce industry. In addition, the Singaporean government is ready to help you make a strong transition toward positive digital transformation. To apply for the PSG grant, your business should meet the following points:

  • Your business or company should be based in Singapore.
  • Your business should have less than 200 employees and at least 30% local shareholding ownership or you should have yearly sales of 100 million dollars or less.
  • The IT solution that you are asking for should be deployed in Singapore.
PSG Grant Application and Eligibility

Shopify Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG) Benefits

You get access to various e-commerce options by applying for Shopify PSG. The amount that you get through PSG can help you redesign, develop and upkeep your e-commerce store to sustain in the business. The Singaporean government understands how a funding assistance can help any company advance in the ever-evolving e-commerce realm. Here, the government gives you up to 50% discount on Shopify Plans and up to 5000 SGD discount on Shopify Plus plan. You can leverage on long-run technological investments by applying and getting the Shopify PSG Grant.

Example Shopify Plus monthly Subscription cost 2000 USD/month 12 Month Subscription Cost = 24,000 USD You will get up to $5000 SGD subsidy from PSG Singapore

Shopify Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG) Benefits

Maximize Your Shopify Potential In Singapore With The PSG Grant

You can use the PSG Grant funding to learn how you can use Shopify and its features to build your impressive online store. Whether you are an existing business or a start-up, Shopify e-commerce platform is suitable for all business types.

Maximize Your Shopify Potential In Singapore With The PSG Grant

1. Simple and Fast Setup
If you want to quickly launch your online business, Shopify is the best e-commerce platform. You do not need any technical knowledge to set up your Shopify store and leverage its apps directly on the e-commerce platform. Shopify's user interface is also user-friendly and intuitive.

Simple and Fast Setup

2. Mobile Readiness
The number of mobile shoppers are increasing with each passing year. For that reason, your e-commerce store should be responsive enough to allow customers browse and shop effortlessly in your e-commerce store.

Shopify is always mobile-responsive, which means your e-commerce site will work smoothly and quickly on all devices. You can also use Shopify's IOS or Android app to effortlessly manage your e-commerce store from a single place.

Mobile Readiness

3. Marketing and SEO
Shopify makes e-commerce marketing much simpler than any other e-commerce platform. You can use different marketing techniques such as product reviews, social media, and email marketing that comes with Shopify. Besides, you can make discount coupons and impressive landing pages for your PPC or Google ads only with Shopify. You can also use Shopify's SEO tools to improve your store's ranking by using clean codes.

Marketing and SEO

4. Customer Support
You get 24*7 assistance from Shopify experts. If you want to know how you can run your store efficiently, the experts are available to give you training and needed assistance. You can also visit Shopify Help Center to find resources and user forums for your inquiries. In addition, Shopify provides convenient and reliable customer support as compared to other e-commerce platforms.

Customer Support

5. Security
You need robust security to protect confidential business and customer information. Shopify gives you SSL certification and PCI compliance to encrypt all your data. You can even check how secure your confidential financial and personal data is by using Shopify. In addition, you can integrate different payment services for a reliable and safe payment gateway that accepts payments from various modes.


6. Versatility
By availing Shopify PSG grant, you can easily adapt your business as per the market trends. You can use many in-built Shopify capabilities to customize your e-commerce store without having any coding knowledge. With Shopify, you can display products on sale, create distinctive delivery options and provide coupons to your customers.

You can even use Shopify's helpful systems for fulfillment, inventory management, payments and shipping. Get your hands on highly customizable, expert and free Shopify themes to personalize the feel and style of your e-commerce store.


Boost Your Online Store With Shopify PSG Grant

The future of Singaporean businesses seems promising because the government of Singapore is providing considerable incentives to SMEs. You can use the Shopify PSG grant to unlock the various possibilities to sweeten your e-commerce business with least efforts.

You can take help from an IMDA approved Singapore Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG) provider to receive the maximum funding for your e-commerce store design. MS Web International is one such approved provider that can help you get up to 50% discount on Shopify Plans and up to 5000 SGD discount on Shopify Plus plan.

Are you excited to maximize your store’s potential with PSG Grant? You can schedule a free consultation with MSW today!

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