9 Ways To Streamline B2B Commerce With Shopify Plus

9 Ways to Streamline B2B Commerce with Shopify Plus

Many merchants want to grab opportunities to reach new markets and scale their e-commerce growth. However, they struggle with multiple platforms, stagnant growth, archaic technology, slow innovation, manual processes, and offline sales. Most online merchants also struggle with rising CAC, costly B2B solutions, low conversion rates, 3rd party apps and LTV.

Merchants can effortlessly accelerate their ecommerce growth with Shopify Plus B2B features. If you are also looking for B2B growth, you can use powerful wholesale and B2B features of Shopify Plus to sell DTC/B2B from one place and personalize the B2B buying experience for your customers.

Shopify Advantage

Effortlessly take your e-commerce business to new heights with Shopify Plus B2B and DTC commerce. Shopify excels in creating optimized experiences to improve customer lifetime value and boost conversion rates. With 4000+ Shopify Plus B2B engineers driving technology, Shopify is adaptive and agile in helping you stay ahead in the e-commerce competition. Shopify simplifies the process of adapting to new buying behaviors. It makes it easy to offer personalized experiences across various markets and channels.

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Shopify Advantage

B2B Merchants on Shopify

The following brands are using the powerful suite of Shopify B2B and wholesale features:

  • Filtrous
  • Brooklinen
  • True Botanicals
  • Dermalogica
  • Momofuku
  • Supergoop!
B2B Merchants on Shopify

9 Ways to Streamline B2B Commerce with Shopify Plus

Shopify B2B revolutionizes your experience by offering smooth personalization and improved efficiency for DTC and B2B transactions. With direct assignment, the ability to set payment terms and easy API support, it simplifies business operations. Customized product catalogs, safe credit card vaulting, and automatic quantity-based discounts optimize the buying process for your customers. In Q1 2023, cutting-edge ERP integrations roll out Shopify’s position as an efficient and flexible solution available through APIs. Here are the nine ways you can streamline your B2B commerce with Shopify Plus:

9 Ways to Streamline B2B Commerce with Shopify Plus

1. Accelerate Growth
With B2B on Shopify, it's easy to grow your intricate and big business. Do not spend too much on getting new customers when you go after new markets. Say bye-bye to slow growth and pricey updates that come with older B2B systems. Shopify Plus makes it easy to run both your business-to-business (B2B) and your business-to-consumer (D2C) business from one place. With Shopify's strong base behind it, it's made for big growth and flexibility. You can quickly grow and come up with new ideas without having to buy or spend more time on extra tools. With a Shopify Plus package, you get everything you need to scale your wholesale and B2B business.

2. Increase Order Value and LTV
Tailor the wholesale purchasing process to suit your needs with user-friendly tools. Just like DTC, B2B buyers want products to be simple and personalized. Don't complicate matters with different selling channels and apps that restrict your customization options. Shopify is designed for optimal buyer conversion in the B2B realm, smoothly integrated into its main platform. With Shopify, you get access to various apps and certified partners, providing maximum flexibility. Creating personalized B2B buying experiences is a breeze with Shopify's customizable product catalogs, pricing, themes, and open APIs. It ensures scalability and ease of use.

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3. Drive Efficiency
Save money and time by handling both B2B and DTC operations in one place using B2B on Shopify. Set up smoothly without messing up your current business or systems. Say goodbye to the extra time, money, and mistakes that come with manual order processing. Shopify makes it a breeze to kickstart your B2B business with the quickest launch and simplest admin. Make your back-end operations more efficient with strong integrations and automated workflows. With self-serve B2B purchasing, your teams have more time to focus on relationships and business growth.

4. Companies and Price Lists
You can now create a customer profile to keep track of your buyers. This profile includes important details like contact preferences, payment terms, assigned catalogs, tax ID, and allows sellers to link multiple contacts and locations to one company. In addition, you can customize prices for customers, either by setting fixed prices or offering a percentage discount on retail prices for all their products.

5. Payment Terms and B2B Checkout
Payment Terms make it easy for you to set when customers should pay for orders without the hassle of doing it manually. This helps you keep track of payments, organize orders, and easily follow up on due payments in the admin. You can also charge a business customer's saved credit card later if needed. With B2B Checkout, your buyers can conveniently add a saved card during checkout. They can also see their payment terms, payment methods, and wholesale discounts right when they make a purchase. It's a simple way to manage payments and streamline the buying process for both sellers and buyers.

6. Customer Accounts and Custom Product Publishing
Customer Accounts make it easy for customers to handle their accounts. They can choose the company location for their purchases, update buyer details, and check and organize their order history. This system also lets you control which buyers can access specific products or variations, giving them a personalized wholesale shopping experience with carefully chosen product options.

7. Customize the Buying Experience
You can set purchasing rules for minimums, maximums, and multiples to boost order values and simplify processing. You can also use Shopify Functions for custom checkout processes, ensuring consistency across blended storefronts. In addition, improve brand loyalty with Liquid-themed stores and personalized email templates. Now streamline your back-office tasks with custom data fields for improved customer relationships.

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8. Streamline Payment Process
You have to simplify customer payments by letting them securely save credit cards for easy checkouts. Use standard reminders or Shopify Flow for personalized payment notifications. You can manage orders with flexible payment terms and create invoices directly from the admin. Tailor discounts for B2B buyers, and allow them to input PO numbers at checkout for visibility across all order touchpoints.

9. Easy Self-Serve
Boost your productivity by automatically giving the green light to customer orders. Alternatively, if you prefer having a tighter grip on your checkout process, you can receive orders as drafts. It allows you to check and approve them before making the final decision. You can streamline the process of ordering commonly purchased products and increase sales by easily duplicating past orders. For wholesale buyers, a dedicated email is sent once they are registered as business customers, inviting them to explore your B2B website. Besides, your buyers can now enter a one-time use shipping address during checkout, which is especially useful for dropshipping businesses.

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In conclusion, many merchants face challenges in expanding their e-commerce presence due to issues like platform complexity, slow growth, outdated technology, manual processes, and offline sales. Shopify Plus B2B features offer a seamless solution to these problems, allowing merchants to grow efficiently and overcome obstacles such as rising customer acquisition costs, expensive B2B solutions, and low conversion rates.

The advantages of Shopify, including its optimized experiences, personalized buying processes, and a robust ecosystem of apps and partners, empower merchants to streamline their B2B commerce. Notable brands like Filtrous, Brooklinen, and True Botanicals have successfully leveraged Shopify's B2B capabilities.

By utilizing Shopify Plus, businesses can accelerate growth, increase order value and customer lifetime value, drive efficiency, customize the buying experience, and streamline the payment process. With innovative features like customer accounts, customized pricing, and easy self-serve options, Shopify Plus emerges as a powerful and flexible solution for scaling both B2B and DTC operations.

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