BigCommerce to Shopify Migration

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BigCommerce to Shopify Migration

Which Issue Are You Facing On Your Existing E-Commerce Platform?
Your Most Troublesome Issue With Your Existing Platform Is_____________!

High Transaction Fees

I have been imposed high transaction fees. It has affected my overall revenue and profit margins. I am angry!

Limited Design Customization

I want to customize my e-commerce store, but my existing platform does have design customization options that align with my brand's identity.

Complex Pricing Plans

Excessive offers and plans on my e-commerce platform confuse me about which package is best for my business. The limitations are bothering me now!

Lack Of Marketing Tools

My current e-commerce platform does not have any built-in marketing features or tools. I have to use expensive third-party services or integrations.

Difficult Management Of Large Catalogs

I am facing difficulties in efficiently organizing and managing my large product catalogs. I have also incurred losses on product updates and inventory management.

Inadequate SEO Features

I cannot increase my store’s search engine ranking because my platform provides no SEO optimization features. I am stuck at one point; please help!

Limited Integration Options

The limitations of integration options with third-party services and apps have restricted me from leveraging services and functionalities for my business.

Complex Processes

Managing fulfillment and shipping processes on my current platform are expanding the list of unsatisfied customers.

Insufficient Support

I am troubled with my SEO optimization, but I have not received any help from the executives. How can I contact them?

What Type Of Data Can Be Migrated From BigCommerce to Shopify?

Product Information: Product Titles, Images, Descriptions, SKUs, Variants, Prices, Inventory Quantities, And Product Options.

Customer Data: Customer Names, Billing And Shipping Addresses, Email Addresses, Order History, And Customer Groups.

Order Data: Customer Information, Order Numbers, Pricing, Product Details, Order Status, Shipping Information, And Order Notes.

Categories And Collections: Product Collections And Categories.

Images And Files: Category Images And Product Images.

SEO Data: Meta Descriptions, Meta Titles URLs, and 301 Redirects Under BigCommerce To Shopify SEO Data Migration Process.

Reviews: Customer ratings and reviews.

Discounts and Coupons: Active coupons, discounts and promotional codes.

Blog Posts: Blog pages and posts.

Customer Passwords: Encrypted customer passwords.

Our BigCommerce to Shopify Migration Services

Our Migration

Get ready to take your online store to new heights by Migrating BigCommerce to Shopify. We have a track record of helping 1000+ stores to scale their businesses worldwide. You can be our next client for building and scaling your business! Say bye to outdated systems and join the e-commerce revolution with your competitors in the dust. We are Singapore’s certified Shopify experts, and we have Migrated 50+ Stores to Shopify. Allow us to Migrate your store to Shopify while you plan business expansion. You are assured of 10x value for moving your BigCommerce store to Shopify.

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Why Choose Shopify For Our Merchants?

Get ready to rock your e-commerce game with Shopify - the ultimate hassle-free solution.

Super easy to manage your store

Handles large product catalogs

Manage heavy traffic like a pro

Adds cool features easily with integration options

Smooth checkout experience on desktop and mobile

Takes care of hosting, server and security stuff

Always there to support you with specialists 24/7

Quick domain set up with a free subdomain

Keeps website secure with SSL certificates

Supports multiple languages without any extra charges

Shopify makes sure your site is fast

Ensures secure payment processing with PCI-DSS compliance

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Why Do Our Clients Cannot Get Enough Of Shopify?

Powerful tools are super easy to use

Awesome themes to make their brand pop

Tons of apps to add cool features to the store

Grow the business effortlessly

Join a vibrant community of merchants, designers, and developers

Access to over 6,000 apps - that's a lot!

Reliable hosting for seamless product launches

Detailed analytics

More control over development and updates

Launch the store on the same day - no waiting around

Rock multi-store capabilities

Built-in fraud detection- no need to pay extra

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Our BigCommerce to Shopify Migration Process

Step 01

Understanding Requirements

We understand your e-commerce challenges and requirements to plan the Migration from BigCommerce to Shopify.

Step 02

Plan Approval

A list of tasks based on requirements will be sent.

Step 03

Data Migration

Your BigCommerce data will be efficiently transferred to Shopify.

Step 04

Store Design

A fresh design for your new store according to the needs will be sent. We can even recreate your existing store on Shopify if you prefer.

Step 05


The existing functionalities and features are Migrated to Shopify smoothly.

Step 06

URL Redirection

Redirect links are created to redirect existing customers to your new platform without hassle.

Step 07


Invitation links are sent to your customers to welcome them during the transition process.

Step 08


Your store’s performance, speed and Google ranking are tested to ensure they are up to par.

Step 09

Final Migration

The last data Migration to Shopify is done before your store goes live.

Step 10

Go Live

We make your new store live for the customers to enjoy!

Some Must-Have Features Of Any Successful E-Commerce Business Are Unavailable In BigCommerce

Features BigCommerce Shopify
App store <1000 Apps >6000 Apps
Point-of-sale solution
Business loans
Send email campaigns Requires 3rd party app With Shopify Email
Secure payment gateways Over 65 Over 100
Fully-featured mobile app No store editor access
International customer support
In 21 Languages
Discounted plans Up to 10% on annual plans 25% discount on yearly plans

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Trusted by 1000+ Leading Local And Global Brands

Why Choose Us for BigCommerce to Shopify Migration?

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