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Magento to Shopify Migration

Is Your Existing E-commerce Platform Troubling You With Business Expansion Or Growth
What Is Your Current Problem_____________?

Difficult to Manage

I do not have the needed technical resources or knowledge to customise, set up, and maintain my Magento store.

Very Expensive

Sometimes the high hosting, development and licensing costs on Magento cost me a fortune.

Scalability Issues

Scaling my Magento store is difficult because it needs resources and expertise to handle a large number of visitors.

No Support System

I need help with scaling my business. I am not getting the needed support on my queries.

Troublesome Security

Why should I manage my store’s security measures on such a leading platform to protect against vulnerabilities?

Technical Knowledge Required

For Every small change, I need to rely on my developer. I want a cost-effective and No or Low Code solution!

Focus on Platform

Instead of focusing on my business expansion, I have to focus on keeping everything on track to run my business. How will I grow under such circumstances?

Higher Ownership Cost

Although I have a successful e-commerce business, Magento’s upfront, maintenance, ongoing and hosting fees are breaking my pockets.

Upgrades and Maintenance

I have to contact my e-commerce handler to do maintenance and upgradation of my store, but it is very expensive and, sometimes, beyond my pocket.

What Type Of Data Can Be Migrated From Magento To Shopify?

Products: Product Descriptions, Product Titles, Product SKUs, Product Images, Product Variants, Product Prices, And Product Inventory.

Collections And Categories: Product Collections And Categories.

Customers: Customer Names, Customer Shipping Addresses, Customer Email Addresses, And Customer Order History.

Orders: Products Ordered, Order Numbers, Customer Information, Order Quantities, And Order Statuses.

Customer Reviews: Product Ratings And Reviews From Customers.

Tax Settings: Tax Configurations And Rules.

Shipping/Logistic: Dimensions, Weight, Shipping Class, Custom Shipping Methods, Customer Shipping Addresses, And Shipping Carriers.

Redirects And URLs: SEO Value, URL Mappings and Redirects.

Images: Product Images, Collection Images, Information Pages Images.

Our Magento to Shopify Migration Services

Our Migration

Scale your e-commerce store by Migrating to Shopify from Magento. Our Shopify Migration expertise has helped 1000+ stores to build and scale their business globally. We assist clients in escaping e-commerce pain points to keep them ahead of the e-commerce game. It also helps them with exponential growth by building future proof online stores.

50+ stores have been successfully Migrated to Shopify, to thrive in the ecommerce industry. We are the Top rated Shopify Certified Experts and Shopify Plus implementation partner from Singapore with 600+ 5 Star Rating. Allow us to help you to grow and scale your business globally with the power of Shopify and our ecommerce.

Contact us today to Migrate your store from Magento to Shopify and unlock your business true potentiality.

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Why Do We Suggest Shopify To Our Merchants?

Unlock your e-commerce success with Shopify - the hassle-free complete solution for ecommerce business.

The Platform that build for scale and grow any ecommerce business

Fully Functional multi channel ecommerce platform for any Any Size of Business

An easy-to-use interface for store management

Smoothly manages big product catalogues and high traffic

Extensive integration possibilities for feature addition

Mobile responsiveness for a speedy checkout

Handles security, hosting, and server maintenance

Around-the-clock support from Shopify specialists

Easy domain setup and free subdomain included

For automatic website security, SSL certificates

Provides limitless file storage

Support for several languages at no extra charge

Emphasises having a quick website

Processing payments securely requires PCI-DSS compliance

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Why Do Our Clients Love

Love Shopify: Power, Ease, Success.

With Shopify, clients can focus on their business without worrying about the platform or infrastructure

Everything that they need to Build, Scale and Grow their business globally

Shopify is a low-code platform for creating and customizing online stores, with coding options for advanced users

Ample stunning mobile-first themes for attractive brand presentation

6000+ apps or Plugins to enhance store functionality

Effortless scalability as the business grows

A thriving community of designers, merchants, and developers for resources, inspiration & 24/7 Support

Shopify invests in its merchants: In 2022, they spent $1.503B on research and development, a 75.94% increase from 2021

Same-day store launch capability

Better integration of multi-store capabilities and Global Expansion with multi-currency and multi-language

Built-in fraud detection, unlike Magento, requires a paid extension

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Our Magento to Shopify Migration Process

Step 01

Understand Requirements

We get familiarised with your existing e-commerce problems, desires and needs to plan a successful Migration.

Step 02

Plan Approval

We provide a list of tasks with due dates based on your specifications and prioritise them according to their impact on the business.

Step 03

Data Migration

Using an established Migration app, our team can efficiently move your Magento data to Shopify.

Step 04

Store Font Design

We design your new Shopify store per your requirements. We can also replicate your Magento Store on Shopify or will design completely new Shopify stores.

Step 05

Functionality Development

Magento features and custom functionality will be Migrated to Shopify for appropriate store work and seamless customer convenience.

Step 06

URL Redirection

We create redirect links to connect your existing buyers on the new Shopify platform.

Step 07


We also send an invitation link to your existing customers for a smooth transition.

Step 08


Our Shopify Migration Launch Engineer test site functionalities like site speed and performance. They also ensure your Google score remains the same and whether everything is working or not?

Step 9

Final Data Migration

We perform the final data Migration process before we go live.

Step 10

Go Live

We make your new Shopify store live once everything is approved.

Some Must-Have Features Of Any Successful E-commerce Business Are Unavailable In Magento

Features Magneto Shopify
Web Hosting
Free SSL
Free Sub Domain
24/ 7 Support
First-party POS system
Unlimited bandwidth
No Code store builder
Includes Blogs
Detailed sales reports
PCI-DSS compliant
Mobile app for store owners

- Testimonials

Trusted by 1000+ Leading Local And Global Brands

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