Etika collective

Etika Collective embraces fashion with a concern for people and the environment. It derives its name from the Malay word for ethics. The brand sets out on a trailblazing journey to redefine sustainable fashion. Etika uses eco-friendly, sustainable, and natural fabrics while improving the lives of its local artisans. To support Etika's journey, MSW helped them redesign their Shopify website while presenting their brand story and ensuring their customers had the best buying experience. In the Etika Collective world, morality and style converge for a better future!

Redesign Shopify Website

As leading Shopify Experts in Singapore, we leveraged our UX/UI expertise to redesign Etika's Shopify store. We featured the story behind Etika’s sustainable production and distinctive pieces while optimizing its brand experience.


  • Design & UX
  • Shopify Development
  • Shopify Redesign & Rebuild
  • Conversion rate optimization
  • Performance enhancement
  • Animation
  • Ongoing Success


  • Shopify
  • Mailchimp
Shopify Experts In Singapore
Shopify UX and UI Experience
Shopify Rebuild & Redesign
Shopify Plus Conversion Rate

Our team built a fully responsive and functional Shopify website for Etika Collective that works fast on all devices, such as computers and smartphones.

Conversion Rate Optimization Shopify
Shopify Development Features
Shopify Custom Dev Features
Shopify Website Performance Enhancement

User Testing played an important role in the design process. Leveraging the brand's community of 120+ loyal users, we actively involved them while inviting their insights to shape the final Shopify website design. Etika customers’ feedback became the core of the website development, infusing the brand with the people who cherish it the most. Eventually, Etika and our team crafted an experience that resonated deeply with the customers, forging a powerful bond between the brand and its community.

Mobile Responsive Shopify Website
Redesign Shopify Store

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