Shopify Store Redesign

Shopify website redesign

What Are Your Pain Points With Your Existing Store Design?

Poor User Experience

I have confusing website navigation, leading to complex product search and checkout processes.

Mobile Unresponsiveness

I am getting more visitors to my site, but I cannot convert them into buying customers because my site is not mobile-friendly.

Outdated Design

My store is not old-fashioned. I want a modern and appealing e-commerce site for my modern customers.

Slow Loading

My site visitors are annoyed because my website crashes every time they are at the checkout page.

Low Visibility

I miss out on my potential customers and organic traffic due to insufficient search engine rankings.

No Modern Features

My website does not have a live chat, or personalized recommendation features, which always keep me at a disadvantage over competitors.

What Are Your Current Needs or Desires?

Modern Design :I seek a modern website layout, visually pleasing graphics, attractive typography, and a cohesive aesthetic that aligns with my brand image.

Improved User Experience: I need clear calls-to-action, intuitive navigation, optimized product categorization and simplified checkout processes.

Rebranding: I want to revamp and rebrand my existing business for my modern and sophisticated customers.

Enhanced Performance and Speed: I want a responsive store that functions and loads well on all devices.

Mobile First:No matter what is the visitor strength on mobile devices, I want my website to be responsive at all times

All Modern Features:My existing store is now outdated to handle high traffic and conversion rates.

Conversion Rate Optimization: My analytics show that most buyers are abandoning their cart due to poor user experience. How can I do conversion rate optimization?

Omni Channel :I want all my channels integrated so the customers have a unified experience.

Our Shopify Store Redesign Services

Our Redesign

Website Redesign Service by MS Web Designer helps merchants launch a new or remodel their existing Shopify website. Our experts follow user experience practices, design trends and technology to create a functional website. Understanding your audience, goals and brand ensures we create a website that matches your business vision. A user-centric design makes a website easy to use, intuitive, and conversion-optimized. Our service creates responsive websites for tablets, computers, and smartphones.

In our 8+ years of experience, we have delivered 3000+ projects and served 2000+ customers. We know the value of a highly functional and visually appealing Shopify website. Whenever you need a store revamp, MS Web Designer is the partner who can take it to the next level. Our Website Redesign Service can transform your store into an engaging, modern, and conversion-driven platform.

Our Website Redesign Services Included:

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Our Redesign Process

Step 01

Understand Your Needs

We understand your need to plan out a strategy that would work the best for your business.

Step 02

Create The Unique Strategy

We will implement the proposed plan after receiving the confirmation from your end.

Step 03


We will redesign your store by following your branding guidelines

Step 04

Mobile First Design

We create a highly-responsive website that would work smoothly on all devices.

Step 05

Modern Features

We will integrate modern features and functionality on your redesigned or rebranded store for you to stay ahead of the competition.

Step 06

Performance Optimization

Once the integration and prototyping is complete, we test the store for performance on all aspects.

Step 07

Testing & Live

We will host the new website or store for your customers to browse and shop.

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