Why Shopify Is The Perfect E-commerce Platform For Singaporean Entreprenur

Why Shopify Is The Perfect E-commerce Platform For Singaporean Entreprenur

Imagine the busy streets of Singapore, where new ideas are constantly being developed and new businesses spring up on every block. Let us say you are an ambitious Singaporean businessperson who is ready to take on the world of online shopping. Is there a secret to modern day success that you can share? Shopify is the best e-commerce platform available. 

In this thrilling journey, you will learn why Shopify or Shopify Plus is not just a possibility, but rather the winning ticket that will take your business to dizzying heights in the pulsating Singaporean e-commerce scene. Brace yourselves: your e-commerce journey is about to begin, and Shopify or Shopify Plus will take you safely to your destination. 

Singapore Market Trends 

The export.gov and Statista report says that Singapore's e-commerce revenue accounted for 4.99 billion dollars in 2019. The revenue is expected to increase by 14.7% annually, making Singapore's e-commerce market an 8.64-billion-dollar platform by 2023. It is also anticipated by the government that Singapore will become a center for customer-oriented companies that know their online customers.

Singapore Market Trends

What Does Singapore Sell Online

One can find high-quality yet cost-effective products and services at genuine prices in Singapore. The core products that are sold by the Singaporean e-commerce merchants are Office Supplies, Computer Hardware, Printers, Computer Software, Scanners, Books, Cameras, Music, Toys, Fashion Products, Games, Apparel Accessories, Health Products, and Beauty Products, among the main products.

What Does Singapore Sell Online

Why do Singapore Ecommerce Merchants love Shopify?

Shopify is a reliable partner for Singaporean merchants in the ever-changing e-commerce landscape. Among all the e-commerce platforms in Singapore, why did Shopify get picked? So, in a nutshell, why are Singaporean e-commerce firms so enamored with this platform? Let us find out!

Why do Singapore Ecommerce Merchants love Shopify?

1. User-Friendly Interface and Personalized Themes
Even without any technical experience, Shopify merchants can easily manage and set up their ecommerce stores with Shopify's dashboard. Shopify provides various configurable themes that enable merchants to establish a branded online store.

2. Mobile Optimization and Product Management
The responsive themes ensure that your store works and looks great on mobile devices. Products, along with product categories, variations, and inventory tracking can be added, arranged and edited with ease.

3. Payment Integration and Checkout Customization
Shopify facilitates easy payment processing by integrating with different payment channels, such as credit cards, local payment options and digital wallets. To increase conversions and decrease cart abandonment, Shopify allows Singaporean merchants to personalize the checkout process.Explore Now!

4. Shipping and Inventory Management
Using integrated shipping carriers, you can automate order fulfillment, produce shipping labels, and manage shipping rates. Businesses in Singapore can now maintain product versions, track inventory levels, and set up automated low-stock notifications only with Shopify.

5. SEO Optimization and Analytics
Optimizing product titles, meta tags and descriptions is one way that built-in Shopify’s SEO tools can raise search engine ranks. With comprehensive analytics and reporting tools like sales reports, conversion tracking, and customer behavior analysis, one can learn more about how well their store is performing.

6. App Store and Marketing Tools
To increase the functionality of Shopify business, Singaporean merchants access a library of third-party integrations and apps, such as marketing, analytics, and customer support tools. Discount coupons, gift cards, email marketing, and social media integration are examples of Shopify’s built-in marketing elements that help promote products/services and interact with customers.

7. Customer Management and Security
Handle customer accounts, divide up clientele, and provide individualized services and deals only with Shopify. The e-commerce platform provides secure hosting, Level 1 PCI DSS certification, and frequent security updates to safeguard store and customer data.

8. Customer Support and Scalability
Singaporean online merchants contact customer service 24/7 for help with technical issues and advice. Shopify is suitable for startups as well as large corporations because it scales with your business.

9. Global Reach and POS
Support for numerous currencies, languages, and international shipping enables Singaporean companies to grow internationally. They integrate seamlessly for inventory management and in-person sales with Shopify's point-of-sale system.

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Why do Singaporean Enterprise Users and Growing brands use Shopify Plus? 

Enterprises and new businesses alike in Singapore have made Shopify Plus their platform of choice. It is the gasoline that helps enterprises in Singapore's fierce online marketplace reach new heights.

Why do Singaporean Enterprise Users and Growing brands use Shopify Plus?

1. Purpose
Shopify Plus is best for fast-growing and large businesses worldwide. It offers high uptime rates and robust infrastructure to reduce downtime and technical issues. The platform prioritizes security with Level 1 PCI DSS certification and automated security updates. In addition, the Shopify Plus experts manage optimizations, technical concerns and customizations for business branding.

2. Globalization
Singaporean Businesses can create up to 9 Clone Stores to establish country-specific online stores. They can also personalize shopping experiences including product range, language and currency. With Shopify Plus, marketing initiatives and market-specific pricing are supported. Merchants can integrate with local shipping aggregators to minimize delivery times/cost and optimize operations. 

3. Multi-Channel Solutions
Shopify Plus provides comprehensive multi-channel solutions for managing physical stores, online storefronts, social media platforms, and marketplaces. Singapore Shopify Plus merchants can streamline product listings, order processing, and inventory management. They can also integrate with third-party apps for connecting to various sales channels. The merchants can use responsive design templates for uniform customer experiences across devices.

4. B2B and Wholesale
The Singaporean online businesses can customize pricing, tiers and discounts for B2B and wholesale customers. With Shopify Plus, they use advanced tools for customizing product data and managing large inventories. The merchants can effortlessly create password-protected online storefronts with integrations with third-party apps and ERP systems for smooth business operations.

5. Local Shopping Experiences
Shopify Plus handles high traffic and offers multi-currency support. The enterprise-level e-commerce platform is customized to local languages, market conditions and currencies. In addition, the Singaporean businesses can get sales data and centralized performance to make market-specific decisions.

6. Scalability
Singaporean entrepreneurs enjoy cloud-based infrastructure with high server uptime that is scalable for high-volume traffic and sales.They also enjoy no limits on bandwidth, sales volume, or products/services with strong security features.

7. Customizable Checkout
Shopify Plus offers a fast and conversion-optimized checkout. Singaporean Shopify Plus merchants use Shop Pay for 60% faster checkout and higher conversion rates. They can also customize their local payment methods and checkout flows.

8. Automation and Integrations
Shopify Plus has provided Singaporean businesses with Shopify Flow for workflow automation. The platform also does integration support for PIMs, ERPs, CRMs, and more. One can effortlessly automate tasks and sync real-time inventory to offer the best customer experiences.

9. Launch Manager
Singaporean businesses get access to launchpad for executing and organizing sales campaigns. They also get their hands on Shopify Plus Script Editor for personalizing the checkout process and shopping cart. The best part- Avalara's sales tax automation- that automatically calculates the tax based on sales.

10. Merchant Success Program:
With Shopify Plus merchant success program, the merchants get customized support and guidance. They also get training, industry trends, and support for special events.

Shopify Singapore PSG 

Get over 50% grant subsidy or discount from PSG (Productive Solutions Grant) Singapore while scaling up your online business with Shopify. To get the PSG Singapore, your business must be based and registered in Singapore. You must hold at least 30% local firm shareholding with less than 200 employees or annual turnover of less than 100 million dollars. https://www.shopify.com/sg/shopify-singapore-psg

Shopify Payment Gateways and Sale Channels

Payment Gateways- MasterCard, Visa, Grab Pay, Pay Now, Fave, DBS, and more. Sale Channels- Shopee, Lazada, Amazon, Google, TikTok, Facebook and more. Learn More

Shopify Subscription Pricing for Singapore

Shopify Basic

This plan is suitable for small businesses and individuals who are interested in doing online business. It has everything you require to process payments, create your store and ship products effortlessly. You also get 24*7 support only at the cost of 39 SGD/month. You can also create up to 2 staff accounts to manage your business operations effortlessly.


This plan is solely designed for small businesses that require fully-functional stores, unlimited products, 24*7 customer support, gift cards and abandoned cart recovery. You can level up your online business with 5 staff accounts and professional reporting. Also, you need to pay only 132 SGD/month to enjoy this plan.

Advanced Shopify

It is suitable for medium to large businesses that comes with a custom report builder, 15 staff accounts and 1000 inventory locations. You also get features like functional store, 24*7 support, unlimited products, professional reports and more. You only have to pay 531 SGD/month to enjoy this plan.

Shopify Plus

This plan is solely designed for high-growing and enterprise-level businesses that need high scalability, reliability and footprint in the whole world. Its starting price is 2000 USD/month. However, the monthly subscription of Shopify Plus is based on your sales or annual turnover. You get a dedicated merchant success manager, launchpad, and more features that support enterprises of all sizes. To know more.

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Aspiring Shopify Plus Brands in Singapore

Get ready to be inspired by the incredible success stories of businesses in Singapore powered by Shopify Plus! From improving customer experiences to setting new industry standards, the listed brands are redefining online retail. Let us dive into five remarkable businesses that have leveraged Shopify Plus to achieve extraordinary results.

Aspiring Shopify Plus Brands in Singapore

1. W. Titley & Co.
W. Titley & Co. offers western and country wear to both its online and offline customers. The brand migrated to Shopify Plus to obtain 36% increased conversion rates and 190% revenue boost.

MS. READ offers plus-size apparel on Shopify Plus since COVID-19 with Meekco Asia. The brand got 20% revenue growth and 300% efficiency boost alongside 24*7 cross-border delivery.

3. Luvme Hair
Luvme Hair offers wigs on Shopify Plus. The brand received a 40% checkout conversion boost and 50% higher conversion rate by getting on-board on Shopify Plus enterprise-level ecommerce platform.

4. Cedele
Cedele is well-known for its freshly baked breakfast specials and items. The brand migrated to Shopify Plus from other e-commerce platforms to gain a huge success rate and other benefits that come with Shopify Plus.

5. Paper bunny
Paper Bunny, Singapore's embodiment of mindful living and thoughtful gifting, smoothly migrated from PrestaShop to Shopify with MSW guidance, preserving Google SEO rankings. The brand is embracing global success, enriched loyalty programs, email marketing, and more after joining Shopify Plus.

6. Nature Farm
With over four decades in health supplements and 12 retail stores, Nature’s Farm, Singapore's pioneer in health food retail, sought MSW expertise during COVID-19 to revamp their Shopify store. The brand elevated the global shopping experience and maximizes revenue for this trusted industry leader.

7. Malt Grain
Malt, Grain & Cane, a renowned independent spirits bottler from Singapore, partnered with MSW to create a Shopify store that resonates with their brand story. As Singapore-based Shopify Experts, MSW delivered a responsive and fast online store, enhancing the shopping experience for spirit enthusiasts in Oceania and Asia Pacific.



In conclusion, Shopify Plus stands as the ultimate choice for Singaporean entrepreneurs looking to elevate their e-commerce game. With its powerful features, including performance enhancements, multi-channel selling capabilities, streamlined B2B interactions, global reach, checkout optimization, and robust automation with dedicated support, Shopify Plus empowers businesses to reach new heights effortlessly. Joining the ranks of successful Shopify Plus users in Singapore is a game-changing move for those seeking to maximize their online presence and redefine their e-commerce success.

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